Hawaiʻi Review Fall 2017 – HR 87

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HR General Themed Call – Open May 15 – August 1

HR Specific Calls – Open May 15 – August 1

• Our General call is open to all writers and arts practitioners, for work on our Kumu & Kupuna theme.
• Work for Specific calls can be on any theme and in any genre or media.
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The kūpuna are all around us now, / caressing the grasses, the leaves / on each branch – they won’t let go, / just yet. Their dance makes the wind / brush the clouds across the sky –

– Brandy Nālani McDougall, “Memory”

The poi is danced in all its many aspects... And new shapes and forms and patterns continue to emerge. For as long as there are kuia ... training their daughters and granddaughters, and I know there are, all is not lost.

– Ngahuia Te Awekotuku, Mana Wahine Maori

Our theme for this issue is Kumu & Kupuna. Kupuna (plural kūpuna) brings up concepts of grandparents, grandparents’ relatives and friends of the same generation, ancestors, starting points, sources, and growing. Kumu can relate to ideas of teachers, tutors, mentors, and role models, as well as beginnings, sources, and foundations.

For this first part of our Kumu & Kupuna series (HR #87, to be published in late Fall 2017), the Hawai‘i Review asks you to consider the connections between generations, between students and teachers, and between leaders, mentors, and those they mentor. Who facilitates your work and your leadership, and whose leadership and work do you facilitate?

We are seeking new work on these themes in all genres and media prose – fiction and creative non-fiction, poetry, theater & drama, visual & performing arts, lyric essays, and hybrid works that bend genre categories. Other Genres: We are looking for educators in arts and writing to pair up one of their works with student work. We seek interviews between emerging artists and writers and their mentors / teachers / influences.

As the chilling impact of this American presidency unfolds, as the oppressions of Empire continually dispossess and exile Native and othered peoples and people of color, we remember that even now “kūpuna are all around us,” and “as long as there are kuia ... all is not lost.” This year, celebrate your ancestors, leaders, mentors, children, grandchildren, and students with us.

All submissions will also be considered for HR Online, the digital complement to the print journal, and for our upcoming online chapbook series. If you would not like your work considered for online publication, please indicate so in your cover letter. Detailed formatting guidelines can be found on our Submittable page:


Issue #86, "Occupying Va, Transformations," is now in production and due out in Summer 2017.