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Annual Creative Writing Conference - Words@Mānoa 2019: No Ka Lāhui

Documenting the Mauna

We are documenting the events occurring on Mauna Kea. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Please feel free to email us, send us any materials you come across, and to tag us in related posts.

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Updates and Featured Work

H\R 90 is now available – get your copy at Hamilton & Sinclair Libraries, the UHM Campus Bookstore, the English Department, NHSS - QLC 104, the dorms. Coming soon to the Law Library.

The Secret Problem Everybody Knows About, by Rachel Michele Teana Reeves.

Featured Poetry

Hawaiʻi Review 88: Kumu & Kupuna is now available! HR 88 Online coming soon!

UH Students can pick up a free copy at the UHM Campus Bookstore, Sinclair and Hamilton Libraries, William S. Richardson Law Library, Native Hawaiian Student Services, the dorms, and the English Department Office. Or ask your department office to be in touch and we will bring copies!

H\R 87 Online Supplement is here.

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