Kia‘i Supporters Around the World

Over the past few week’s we’ve been seeing demonstrations and posts in support of kia‘i Mauna from around the world. Below is a map of what we’ve found and some publicly shared photos of each. Please note that we have tried as much as possible to credit original photographers. When they could not be identified we deferred to crediting the people or entities whom publicly shared them. As usual, we always seek clarification. If there is any way that you can help us to identify names and/or additional locations of kia‘i support, please contact us.

Mele Mauna

The past few weeks (and beyond) have inspired beautiful creative work and performances to and for the Mauna. Many of these performances are in response to a kāhea sent out as part of a #ekanikapilakakou challenge #alohaainaedition campaign wherewith local artists shared and expressed Aloha ʻĀina through words, song, and dance. This is by no means a complete list and we encourage you to explore and engage with many of the artists elsewhere whom have and continue to let the Mauna and our ʻāina move, inspire, and call them to express.

Below are some of what we’ve found.

NOTE: Hawai‘i Review does not own the rights to any of these works, which belong solely to their original producers. Please support these artists by visiting the fan pages provided, purchasing their work, and attending their performances. If you are one of the artists featured here on this page, please feel free to contact us with any concerns or credit corrections.

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Sources for Information on the Mauna - Working List

Here we provide a working list of sources for current information on the Mauna. As the majority of the Hawaiʻi Review editorial board are instructors of introductory composition and rhetoric, we remind you to always keep in mind concepts of ethos, logos, pathos, and ideas of the aim, intended audience, and author of any article or media item you encounter. We’ve done some of the work for you by including information about many of the sources listed here.

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The Mauna Archive

We are continuing to collect and are currently sorting through over a thousand social media posts, beautiful photographs and infographics, dozens of videos and audio recordings, and are compiling an annotated bibliography of hundreds of local and international news reports that have covered this event. We have also compiled a list of supporting organizations, locations of supporting protests around the world, and just about any other aspect of this event that we are trying to keep from disappearing. Our intent is to credit all original producers of the words and works we seek to compile here. This would speak highly of the monumental and collaborative phenomenon that kia‘i have inspired over the past few years.

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