Kapu Aloha

We often hear the term Kapu Aloha in the media. Below, we provide links and information related to this term.

Links to discussions of Kapu Aloha:

Protocols for Kapu Aloha:


“E Mihi Kahele

Don't stray from the Path

The Path is a Firm Commitment to Aloha

Conducting oneself in Prayer and Ceremony on Mauna Kea

  1. All People must treat each other with Aloha and Respect

  2. Be mindful of the Place you are entering. It is Wahi Kapu -- Sacred Place and Sacred Space to be entered in Aloha, Reverence and in Ceremony.

  3. Ho'oulu our Lahui and honor place our Aumakua, and Kupuna

  4. Walk lightly as their are Iwi kupuna and delicate life forms of specie fond no where else in the world.

  5. Malama the environment pick up all opala

  6. No swearing or speaking disrespectfully-this is a Spiritual event .

  7. Absolutely no alcohol, drugs or cigarets--this is a Spiritual event

  8. Assist Kupuna at all times.

  9. Care for the Keiki at all times.

Mahalo and Aloha

Mauna Kea 'Ohana”

Kuʻulei Music - YouTube Video “Kapu Aloha (K)”


“KAPU ALOHA. Since 1978, Hawaiian has been one of two official languages of the State of Hawaii. Since then, Kaleikoa Kaeo was arrested for refusing to acknowledge his presence to Judge Kobayashi in English, but the meat of this post is about how we choose to respond to these types of issues - issues that stir up the deepest rage inside of us. Often times, we allow pride, bitterness, and anger to overtake our stance on aloha. This sometimes causes us to unhinge ourselves from the truth and to say things we don't necessarily mean. Today, let us remember aloha to be a form of our intelligence and wisdom, and let us use our rage to feed our fire and desire to educate and create change. Our children are watching. ”

Hawaiʻi Public Radio Article and Radio Broadcast: “Kapu Aloha: Power of Love”


Also listen to Manulani Meyer: 


ʻŌiwi TV Video, “Kapu Aloha 101: Ke Kula o Maunakea”: 


“Kapu Aloha: the term may be new but the concept is centuries old. Modern “koa kapu aloha,” or kapu aloha warriors, are making a stand with the true dignity of our kūpuna. The approach may be a road less travelled in our recent past but it is one our kupuna are teaching us about once again, along with many other haʻawina in the malu o Maunakea. Meet some of those who have been transforming, and have been transformed by, this Kapu Aloha movement while making sure that this sacred approach is the only one that can be had on this sacred mauna as differing sides come together to at least agree that Kapu Aloha is the only way to proceed.”

Big Island Video News Article on HULI Statement of Kapu Aloha, July 11, 2019: 


Manulani Aluli Meyer: Kapu Aloha for Maunakea, a discipline of compassion


Manulani Aluli Meyer: Kapu Aloha Presentation


“Kapu Aloha is a multidimensional concept/practice inspired by our kupuna. It places a discipline of compassion on all to express aloha for those involved, especially those who are perceived to be polemic to our cause. A Kapu Aloha helps us intentionalizeour thoughts, words and deeds. It honors the energy and life found in aloha and helps us focus on its ultimate purpose and meaning.

Ahimsa is a multidimensional concept, inspired by the premise that all living beings have the spark of the divine spiritual energy; therefore, to hurt another being is to hurt oneself.”

Aunty Pua Case: Kapu Aloha on Mauna a Wakea


Wakea ALOHA~AINA mana'o from Lanakila - Joshua Lanakila Mangauil ( Lanakila ) 


YouTube Video - Lanakila - Joshua Lanakila Mangauil ( Lanakila ) - “Hawaii Rising | The Mauna Kea movement and the Kapu Aloha conduct explained.”


“A beautiful talk by Lanakila Mangauil explaining how this movement transcends all ages cultures and boundaries and why it is important now more than ever to return to the ancient Hawaiian systems and practices and leave behind the foreign system that has proven itself to be a failure at upholding the life and righteousness of the land and it's people.”